Competition Field Perimeter Kit (278-1501)

Competition Field Perimeter Kit (278-1501)

The official VEX Robotics Competition Field is setup on a foam surface, with a sheet-metal and polycarbonate perimeter frame. Inside this perimeter, game-specific elements can be added.

-Metal frame for the VEX Robotics Competition field perimeter

-Finish assembly to become a 12" x 12" game field

-Includes ALL parts required for frame assembly (includes polycarbonate)

-Two driver-control posts

-Does NOT include Floor Tiles or Electronics

-Modular and designed for easy assembly, disassembly, storage

(24) Sheet-Metal Horizontal Field Component

(24) Sheet-Metal Vertical Field Component

(12) Clear Lexan Wall Panel - 8" x 46" x 1/8"

(16) Sheet-Metal Wall Assembly Gusset

(4) Sheet-Metal Corner Assembly Gusset

(4) Competition Field Corner Bracket

(20) Field Perimeter Rubber Feet

(2) Sheet-Metal Driver Station Post

(2) Sheet-Metal Driver Station Attachment Bracket

(2) Sheet-Metal Driver Station Base Plate

(118) 1/4-20 x 1/2" Long Button Head Hex Screw

(52) 1/4-20 Nylock Nut

(8) 10-32 x 1/2" Long Flat Head Phillips Screw

(8) 10-32 Nylock Nut


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