VEX IQ - Classroom Bundle (228-4000)

VEX IQ - Classroom Bundle (228-4000)

Implement a 12-team solution into your classroom! Perfect for a group of 24 students (working in pairs), this discounted bundle contains everything needed to start building robots in your classroom, after school club, or summer STEM camp.

(12) Super Kits - Over 10,000 pieces total!

  (2) Cube Kits

The Super Kit is the most complete introduction to VEX IQ; a set of 12 means that in just a few hours, your classroom could be crawling with 12 robots drivable by wireless control, running autonomously using advanced sensors, or a combination of both. Plus, when you use 3-Inch Cubes to set up a simple game, it fuels a competitive atmosphere and engages students right away.

Educators can access the free VEX IQ curriculum online to start lesson planning. Mapped to US education standards for grades 2-8, it can be adapted to fit students' needs and abilities to create the best STEM foundation possible.

For additional learning opportunities, students can also use SnapCAD and VEX IQ programming options (ROBOTC 4.0 or Modkit for VEX).


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